Lao Hu Cheng Asian Bistro

Yep, in Clemson. It’s pretty good, in my opinion.

I got the Mongolian Beef. It seems to be different everywhere you go. It’s rather spicy there, but good. I had the “gemmai cha” to drink, a hot green tea mixed with brown rice. The brown rice added a nice flavor to it. I normally don’t like green tea by itself. I also had the Mu Shu Pork appetizer. Mmmm….

The staff there are friendly. Very friendly. Probably unlike any other place I’ve ever been to, Chinese or otherwise. The daughter of one of the owners is always there, and she was working on a school project. Between her and her mom, they kept talking to me about anything and everything. It was actually quite enjoyable. And the mom came over for a long while and just talked to me. She saw that I was studying Chinese characters (in my notebook) while eating, and was impressed that I had written them, and was studying Chinese. Yeah, so I’m odd. But in a good way! Right…

I’ll have to go back. The food was priced well (a dinner for $7 is pretty reasonable, though the tea brings it up a bit). It’s a small place, but as the owner repeatedly said, “It’s homestyle…”. No MSG, not even cornstarch. It’s not your southern American chinese. It’s quite good!

And they also sell Asian food supplies (like the star anise I bought a couple months ago).


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1 Response to Lao Hu Cheng Asian Bistro

  1. Kris says:

    George –
    Dozo Japanese restaurant in Easley turned out to be VERY good, and the chefs are quite entertaining with their antics. I had salmon. Some of my co-workers told the staff that it was our boss’ birthday, so they brought ice cream with a candle, the waitstaff sung to him accompanied by a Japanese drum, and we got a polaroid photo taken which is now in the foyer for all eternity.
    Then a couple of days later I also got to go to Atami Express, also in Easley, in the parking lot in front of BiLo/WalMart, behind the Dodge Store gas station. (It used to be an American Waffle.) I’d always heard good things about Atami. I had hibachi steak, which comes with mushrooms, glazed carrots, and your choice of fried rice or white rice. Delicious! Very tender. Not to mention reasonably priced.
    Hope you get the chance to check them out sometime.


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