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A Christian’s Relationship To Old Testament Law

Many Christians have struggled trying to understand their relationship to “the law”. There are some common misunderstandings on both sides of the spectrum. There are Christians who believe that the entire law is binding on believers. Many Christians would say … Continue reading

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Matthew 3:7-15

In verse 3:15, Jesus says it is “fitting for us”, not “fitting for me,” in speaking about his intention to be baptized by John. John’s imperfection was no impediment to God’s use of him to, “fulfill all righteousness.” I instantly … Continue reading

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Matthew 2:1-6

That last verse – Bethlehem is “not least” among the governors, for out of it comes the governor. This governor is unlike the leaders brought together by Herod for he will “shepherd” the people of God. He will lead with … Continue reading

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