The Greek Alphabet

Letter Transliteration Name Sounds Like…
α Α a A (short) or ā Ā (long) alpha drama (short) or drama (long)
β Β b B beta big
γ Γ g G gamma gift
δ Δ d D delta dog
ε Ε e E epsilon met
ζ Ζ z Z zeta odds
η Η ē Ē eta late
θ Θ th Th theta Athens
ι Ι i I (short) or ī Ī (long) iota knit (short) or feet (long)
κ Κ k K kappa kite
λ Λ l L lamda lake
μ Μ m M mu miss
ν Ν n N nu note
ξ Ξ x X xi axle
ο Ο o O omicron moth
π Π p P pi pillow
ρ Ρ r R rho drama
σ/ς Σ s S sigma salt
τ Τ t T tau top
υ Υ u U (short) or ū Ū (long) upsilon wooden (short) or mood (long)
φ Φ ph Ph phi foot
χ Χ ch Chi chi like German lachen
ψ Ψ ps Ps psi cops
ω Ω ō Ō omega node

Usage Notes:

  1. ς replaces the character σ at the end of a word.
  2. ρ is rolled, unlike English ‘r’.

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1 Response to The Greek Alphabet

  1. Nathan Stitt says:

    I like the way you formatted this. Better than several texts I’ve used.

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