WOTD, δίδωμι

The word of the day is…

δίδωμι, δώσω, ἔδωκα, δέδωκα, δέδομαι, ἐδόθην

Classical Greek, didōmi, dōsō, edōka, dedōka, dedomai, edothēn, 1. to give. 2. to give something to someone, as in, to grant, to let have, to supply or furnish, to give what is due 3. to give, as in to hand out, to appoint or follow 4. to grant or permit, to commission.

You could check out Thayer’s Lexicon for a more full blown definition, with tons of scriptural references for the different usages. I have kept to the basics of the definition without much of the applied or contextual specifics.


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I'm interested in theology, languages, translation and various sorts of fermentation.
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