Daily Archives: 2008-04-28

Clutter and Clarity

I admit, I’ve been frustrated before, with a long day at work and a cluttered homecoming. Not today, but as I look at the room around me, I imagine. Small couch-pillows lie askew on the ground and propped up against the … Continue reading

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WOTD, βλάπτω

The word of the day is… βλάπτω, βλάψω, ἔβλαπψα, βέβλαφα, βέβλαμμαι, ἐβλάβην/ἐβλάφθην  Classical Greek, blaptō, blapsō, eblapsa, beblapha, beblammai, eblabēn/eblaphthēn, 1. to hurt or harm

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