Greek First Declension Nouns – Variant 1

The standard first-declension nouns were described here. The first variant of the first-declension pattern is a short alpha found in the nominative, vocative and the accusative singular.

This group of first declension nouns have nominatives that end in , whether the stem ends in ε, ι or ρ or not. First declension nouns in are declined with the following endings:

after anything
but ε, ι or ρ
after ε, ι or ρ
Singular Plural Singular Plural
Nominative (nom.) -αι -αι
Genitive (gen.) -ης -ῶν -ᾱς -ῶν
Dative (dat.) -ῃ -αις -ᾱͅ -αις
Accusative (acc.) -αν -ᾱς -αν -ᾱς
Vocative (voc.)
-αι -αι

* As with other nouns, take the genitive singular form (which can be found in a proper dictionary entry) and remove the ending; to that stem add the appropriate ending for the case and number required.

Differences from standard first-declension nouns can be seen in blue. Otherwise, the rules for accentuation remain consistent with other first-declension nouns.

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