Greek First Declension Nouns – Variant 2

Thanks, Mike, for your earlier comments. Feel free to correct my vocabulary, grammar or understanding of the syntax at any time. I welcome the challenge and the instruction.

So let’s talk about another variant.

The standard first-declension nouns were described here, with the first variant here. The second variant is for masculine nouns. It is a blending of the first-declension endings with the second-declension endings of feminine/masculine nouns.

These masculine first declension Greek nouns end in -ης, or -ᾱς like other first-declension nouns, when the stem ends in ε, ι or ρ. First declension nouns in -ᾱς/-ης are declined with the following endings:

after anything
but ε, ι or ρ
after ε, ι or ρ
Singular Plural Singular Plural
Nominative (nom.) -ης -αι -ᾱς -αι
Genitive (gen.) -ου -ῶν -ου -ῶν
Dative (dat.) -ῃ -αις -ᾱͅ -αις
Accusative (acc.) -ην -ᾱς -ᾱν -ᾱς
Vocative (voc.) -α,-η
-αι -ᾱ -αι

* As with other nouns, take the genitive singular form (which can be found in a proper dictionary entry) and remove the ending; to that stem add the appropriate ending for the case and number required.

Differences from standard first declension nouns can be seen in blue. In the vocative singular of the group with nominative in -ης, most nouns employ the ending . However, there are a few that take instead which must be remembered. Otherwise, the rules for accentuation remain unchanged.


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