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Your Input Requested…

So I’ve been writing in Matthew for a while now. Of late, I’ve provided an English transliteration before my own translation (with Nestle’s help, of course). You can see what I mean here, here and here… What do you think? … Continue reading

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Matthew 5:43-48

5.43 Ēkousate hoti errethē: agapēseis ton plēsion sou kai misēseis ton echthron sou. 5.44 egō de legō humīn: agapāte tous echthrous humōn * kai proseuchesthe huper tōn * diōkontōn humās; 5.45 hopōs genēsthe huioi tou patros humōn tou en ouranois, … Continue reading

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Greek Second Declension Nouns

Second declension nouns can either be masculine, feminine or neuter in gender. Masculine and feminine second-declension nouns share case endings. Because of this, there are many that are either feminine or masculine in gender, with only the use of article … Continue reading

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WOTD, πρῶτος

The word of the day is… πρῶτος, πρώτη, πρῶτον Classical Greek, prōtos, prōtē, prōton, 1. first.

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