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Some Thoughts From Today’s Sermon

Bob was talking about “changed lives” today, and how that change gives us confidence. Don’t quite remember the train of thought, but he made a connection to the oft-stated (maybe hypothetical?) excuse, “I don’t have to share the gospel with … Continue reading

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Quran, Old Testament, New Testament

steph was responding to a comment of mine on Nick’s post. In it, she makes a number of claims: Christianity adopted the Hebrew Bible. “Qu’ran is essentially the political speeches of Muhammad.” The Qu’ran is essentially influenced by the Hebrew … Continue reading

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The Hiragana Syllabary

Here is the first Japanese syllabary. Japanese has no alphabet, but instead two syllabaries and Kanji, a modified subset of Chinese characters. あ a い i う u え e お o か ka き ki く ku け ke … Continue reading

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WOTD, πόνος

The word of the day is… πόνος, πόνου, ὁ Classical Greek, ponos, ponou, ho, 1. labor, exercise, work.

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