WOTD, portmanteau

The word of the day is…


English, 1. (noun) a large suitcase 2. (noun) a word whose form and meaning come from two or more other words in combination. 3. (adjective) combining more than one use or quality 4. being a portmanteau <word>

I was reading Lord Jesus Christ, by Hurtado, and came across this word in the introduction:

“Devotion” is my portmanteau word for the beliefs and related religious actions that constituted the expressions of religious reverence of early Christians.

Lord Jesus Christ, Larry W. Hurtado

Now, I didn’t know it, so I wrote it down to look up later. Merriam-Webster provided me the meaning. I guess Hurtado is meaning to use definition three, as he does not mean that “devotion” is made by combing words to form a new word.


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I'm interested in theology, languages, translation and various sorts of fermentation.
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