I’ve Been Busy

A lot has been going on here, and that has kept me from blogging anything substantial. For starters, I am nearing completion on a major project at work – a great portion of my thought has been directed at SharePoint, rather than Greek, Japanese, Hindi, etc. I have not completely slipped away from Greek – but I modified my own self-instruction and did some intensive verb repetition. I was having problems with remembering middle and passive verb tense endings, so I skipped the regular sentence and phrase translation and just went through all the verbs I had in my book to that point – writing out the conjugations fully. After a laundry list of verbs, I think my grasp of the endings is much more solid. During that time, I have let Matthew slip; I intend to be back blogging my Matthew work soon.

Without any intention of being critical or rehashing details, I do have to share that the last 2 months at The Mount has been unlike any I have ever experienced before. Our pastor was asked to submit his resignation – then offered a chance for reconciliation – which further events made apparent was not going to happen. This man had been my spiritual leader for over a decade. He had guided me through my college years into being a young husband and father. It was difficult to watch and directly speak to the issues that were at the center of the conflict. After three weeks of rather emotional and gut-wrenching tension for all involved, he decided to step down. I chose not to write about the details during this episode – it would have been improper and would have likely been contrary to any sense of reconciliation we were after. But since it consumed much of my thought, that meant I blogged very little.

The reason I share this is to give some basis behind what has kept me so busy in the aftermath… Our church website was down briefly due to the change, and needed to be moved to a new hosting platform, etc. I got that up; visit www.themountchurch.com. I also took the opportunity to use the new domain for our new devotionals blog (still using wordpress software, just not wordpress.com). Thanks, David, for all the help you provided. I know that things were strained, but I still appreciate your help and all the work you did.

Some great people stepped up within the body in so many areas, but I specifically want to speak to the area of web development and devotional writing. It has been really amazing to see people step forward as leaders and servants. Thanks specifically to Jeremy and Walker! You guys rock. And there are more people considering using their gifts to get involved! And to the devotional team, Lee, Brooke, Jan, Dave, and April – and Jeremy again – you guys make my day. God has blessed us in so many ways.

Seems like a lot of people are giving their “sorry’s” for not being able to blog as in yesteryear… This being my first year of blogging, I have no history on which to base any judgment; but it seems that there are cycles to most things. I hope to be back to a regular writing tempo soon.


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I'm interested in theology, languages, translation and various sorts of fermentation.
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One Response to I’ve Been Busy

  1. Nathan Stitt says:

    I have noticed a similar pattern, and hope that it is cyclical. My pattern has been fewer posts every months since I first started, though it seems there is nowhere for me to go now but up.

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