My Boots Get Shined

I love these boots. I’ve been wearing them since 1997. I got them while in Air Force ROTC the spring before my Junior year at Clemson University (typical, for use at field training). These boots are great, with easy lacing (none of the nonsense you find on most hiking boots). I have a 12 in most footwear – but with these I wear a 13R. (If they were red, I’d probably get accused of wearing clown shoes.)

But I’m afraid I have not been kind to them. Especially the heels and toes are beaten up. At this point, they are really rough. I think I haven’t shined them in a couple months. It goes in phases. I really like keeping them in good shape, but over time they have built up serious nicks. Unfortunately, the military no longer uses this particular style boot – and I’m not so thrilled with the newer models. Not that they aren’t great boots, but they don’t look reasonable as work-wear. Needless to say, even these aren’t really going to work with slacks. Of course, with my boots in this shape, well… to the remedy…

This took a couple hours. Fairly enjoyable. I sat polishing while watching Good Eats. Not a moment wasted. Yeah, I agree; I didn’t get them polished to a mirror shine. There was a time when that was possible, and sought after. Now – I settle for glistening. Mirror finish is not really realistic.

Well, I’d love a new pair. These have seen better days. But for now, I’ll just try and take better care of these.

Oh, this is Daisy. My wife always wanted a dog named Daisy. We got her just a couple weeks ago. She is scared to death of me – but getting better. She will jump a few feet back if I move towards her.

She is really good with the kids. She wants a lot of attention and care, because the previous owner did not provide any. We’re doing what we can. The girls and Sean are just thrilled to have such an energetic dog – though if they keep it up, Daisy is going to start running away from them too! Our other dog, Oliver, is getting a little old. He is about the most kind and patient kid-friendly dog I have ever met – but he’s getting to the point that running after things bothers his arthritis. He just doesn’t move that fast anymore.

Daisy took an interest in what I was doing briefly. I’m sure the polish had a unique smell that was out of the ordinary for a dog’s experience. And what was I doing with a blackened and smudged cotton sock on my hand? People. You never know what they’re going to do.


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2 Responses to My Boots Get Shined

  1. Nathan Stitt says:

    That is quite an improvement! I had several pairs of boots wear out in the past and I’ve not been able to replace them either, I know the feeling. I don’t have much use for boots right now though so I’m not losing any sleep over it (yet).

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