Sand, Lots of Sand

I moved a ton and a half of sand today. First I had to pick it up in a borrowed pickup (thanks, Tim!). Than I had to unload the sand into a wheelbarrow (little by little) and drag it around back so I could dump it in the sandbox hole. It took 2 pickup loads, and a couple hours.

My daughter’s birthday is Sunday, and my wife wanted the sandbox completed by her birthday party.

I am now exhausted. I expect I will be very sore tomorrow.


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I'm interested in theology, languages, translation and various sorts of fermentation.
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2 Responses to Sand, Lots of Sand

  1. Nathan Stitt says:

    I imagine that was quite a workout. I’m starting a bike-riding program tomorrow and I expect to be utterly wiped out for work shortly after that.

  2. George says:

    It’s now Monday, and I’m still sore. I’m afraid that manual labor is not my forte. The kids love the sandbox, though no one actually used it at the party. We had water toys and a kiddie pool out.

    As far as biking goes – are you picking up an old hobby/pass-time, or starting a new one? I haven’t ridden a bike since college. I imagine I still know how… easy as riding a bike, right?

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