A Starting Place

This paragraph caught my attention as I read this evening:

We have an excellent opportunity here to utilize what Paul Tillich termed the method of correlation. In his answering or apologetic theology, an analysis is made of the situation, the whole interpretation of life and reality held by a culture. This is expressed through the art, philosophy, politics, and technology of that culture. The analysis informs us of the questions being asked by that society. Thus in Tillich’s system, before theology tells its message, it asks what is most important to the people being addressed. Then theology expresses its message, drawing the content from the pole of the theological authority, but letting the form be governed by the pole of the situation. the message will be expressed as answers to the questions people are asking, rather than as something foreign imposed on them from without.

Christian Theology (chapter 22), Millard J. Erickson


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I'm interested in theology, languages, translation and various sorts of fermentation.
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