Review, Chapters 8-10

I’ve been studying Greek on my own using Greek – An Intensive Course, by Hardy Hansen and Gerald M. Quinn. I’m once again to the review of Chapters 8-10 (yes, I’ve been this far before – but my understanding is much better this time).

I must admit that I am still having issues remembering the patterns of the vowel-condensing third declension nouns, the subject of the first review exercise. I should just sit down and repeat them until I get them right all the time.

One frustrating thing about this book for personal study is that the chapter and chapter-group reviews have no answer key. So that means if you think you’ve got it down, but don’t – it’s hard to be sure. There are self-correcting examinations (2) after each chapter-group review. And of course, the explanations and example sentences throughout are very helpful. I checked online for an answer key book or something of the like, but found nothing.


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