Independent Challenge

“First, imagine a situation in which you run into an old friend of yours, and then prepare a short conversation with him or her…”

Hindi – A Complete Course for Beginners, (p. 14)

So I began to work on this. No guarantees that this is without flaw, but here is my attempt at this conversation, based on some of the greetings, pronouns and the verb honā found in the first chapter.

नमस्ते! तुम कैसे हो? namaste! tum kaise ho? Hello! How are you?
नमस्ते, अच्छा। namaste, acchā. Hello, fine.
कहाँ में हो? kahā̃ mẽ ho? Where are you?
दिल्ली में हैं। dillī mẽ haĩ. I’m in Dehli.
तुम प्रोफेसर हो? tum profesar ho? You are a professor?
हाँ। और तुम? hā̃. aur tum? Yes. And you?
मैं छात्र हैं। मेरा स्कूल यहीं है। maĩ chātra haĩ. merā skūl yahī̃ hai. I am a student. My school is here.

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1 Response to Independent Challenge

  1. Lawanya Singh says:

    There are few errors in your sentences written in hindi.

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