So my wife and I were woken up this morning – can’t remember for what reason – but awoke to find that our oldest daughter had cut much of the hair of our youngest daughter. No, not just the bangs or the back – the top. Pretty much gave her a shoddy reverse mohawk.

Not sure what is the worst part of it. Kim is really torn up that her hair was so beautiful and it is now gone. I, being somewhat pragmatic, am not letting myself get upset about that, since there is no way I can possibly “add a single hair” back… But she honestly did have very beautiful hair that will take some time to grow back.

On top of that, they both got the pair of normal scissors (not kid scissors) out of our office (which they are not allowed into without permission). They also took a bag of paint balls (a dark blue shade) that were stored in the office and dumped them in our playroom. Luckily, none appear to have burst or been broken. And not to be done with their indiscretion, they cut the dog’s hair, including the tip of the dog’s tail. They are lucky that they did not hit the actual tail – lest Oliver let them have it for their lack of good judgment.

I would almost say Julianne (the 4 yr old victim/conspirator) needs no punishment. She will need to be shaved; there is no repair for the damage. The “shame” should be enough to convince her (I hope) that this was a bad thing to do and allow. But I’m not sure.

I’m not so sure what to do with Jenna (the 6 yr old perpetrator). She is already complaining of late that we punish her too much and don’t care about her. I was even planning on taking her to the Duke-Clemson game this afternoon as a father-daughter fun time, as a corrective. Now, I don’t think that seems reasonable.


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6 Responses to Punishment

  1. George says:

    Already an update… the two decided to pull the shade off of their bedroom window (where they are currently sequestered). Stated reasoning was, “[they]wanted to get away from our mean-ness!”

  2. Nick Norelli says:

    Wow, I’m sorry to hear this. I don’t know what your poilicy on spanking is, but I would have certainly spanked my six-year-old for the infraction. I guess the good thing is that hair grows back and more serious damage wasn’t done. Thank God for that!

  3. George says:

    I’m certainly not averse to spanking. But in this instance we needed something else. We actually found a punishment that was very traumatic for her – making her pay out of her own pocket (birthday money) for a new hat for Julianne. Julianne will also have to chip in, since she was a willing partner in the affair.

    Her response to the punishment, which my wife suggested, made it clear that it was the correct punishment. I hadn’t even thought the punishment would have the weight it did on Jenna.

    And we isolated the football outing from the punishment, which were unrelated – and made it clear that this was not a reward for behavior, but a fun time based on our love and mercy. Go Tigers!

  4. George says:

    Ah, my wife informs me that there was a spanking (before I came in the room). So the hat punishment is in addition to that immediate punishment.

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  6. George says:

    Though one might hope children would learn, we awoke this morning to fresh misdeeds involving hair and scissors. This time the victim/conspirator and perpetrator were swapped.

    Julianne did not harm Jenna’s hair as much as Jenna had harmed Julianne’s.

    In case you’re thinking, “Well why didn’t they hide the scissors?” I must add that it was a different pair. Yep, when I go looking for scissors, I can NEVER find a pair. Two children who are not even allowed to have scissors seem to be able to just imagine malicious behavior and scissors appear.

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