Japanese To English Dictionary

a, i, u, e, o, ya, yu, yo
与える あたえる ataeru to give, to present
行く いく iku to go (from speaker’s reference)
惜しむ おしむ oshimu to be frugal, stingy; to value; to regret
yo 1. the world 2. society 3. an age or generation
wa, wo
わたし watashi I
ka, ki, ku, ke, ko, kya, kyu, kyo
帰る かえる kaeru to return
かみ kami god
来る くる kuru to come (from speaker’s reference)
携帯(電話) / ケータイ けいたい(でんわ) keetai(denwa) cellular(portable) phone
ko an infant or baby; a child; a young animal, cub
ga, gi, gu, ge, go, gya, gyu, gyo
sa, shi, su, se, so, sha, shu, sho
さえ さえ sae Limits the verb or noun that it follows: even; only; just
しもべ shimobe manservant
せい sei 1. counter for generations. 2. noun/suffix used for geological timespan.
(ご)専門 (ご)せんもん (go)senmon specialty, specific area of study or work
(ご)出身 (ご)しゅっしん (go)shusshin hometown, place of origin WOTD
za, ji, zu, ze, zo, ja (zya), ju, jo
(ご)住所 (ご)じゅうしょ (go)juusho address
実に じつに jitsuni indeed, truly, surely
ta, chi, tsu, te, to, cha, chu, cho
da, ji, zu, de, do
電話 でんわ denwa telephone WOTD
(お)電話 番号 (お)でんわ ばんごう (o)denwa bangoo phone number
どこ (preferred), or rarely 何処 どこ doko where (at)?
どちら (preferred), or rarely 何方 どちら dochira which way?
na, ni, nu, ne, no, nya, nyu, nyo
(お)名前 (お)なまえ (o)namae 1. name 2. fame
ha, hi, fu, he, ho, hya, hyu, hyo
ひとり ひとり hitori a (single) person; alone
ba, bi, bu, be, bo, bya, byu, byo
ぼく boku I, used primarily by younger male speakers
pa, pi, pu, pe, po, pya, pyu, pyo
ma, mi, mu, me, mo, mya, myu, myo
ra, ri, ru, re, ro, rya, ryu, ryo

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