The following is a draft text for a verbal to tie together today’s sermon on maturity with a closing song identifying the awesomeness of our relationship with Christ, our welcome before the throne of God.

We’re going to close the service with a song by Starfield, entitled “Unashamed”. It reminds us that it is not our strength that makes us lovely to God. It reminds us that despite our failings, our not measuring up, God still welcomes us into his presence.

When we are spiritually mature, we don’t have to pretend to have our act together. Spiritual maturity means we know the weight of sin – we don’t minimize it – but we also don’t give up before it.

Spiritual maturity is knowing God personally. It is face-to-face communication with our heavenly Father, the one who created us and knows us. It is taking on the image of Jesus our savior, whether that means sharing his message of peace or enduring the same rejection and pain he faced. It is being empowered by the Spirit to do the work, acknowledging that we have no reason to boast, each empowered and called by the same Spirit.

In the final reckoning, spiritual maturity is a posture of submission, of humility, of brokenness, bowing before a God who needs nothing to complete him, but still chooses to love us.

About George

I'm interested in theology, languages, translation and various sorts of fermentation.
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