“Spiritual Leadership” finally finished…

I have been reading Spiritual Leadership, by Henry and Richard Blackaby for quite some time now… and have finally finished. My review will come very soon.

Actually, for much of the time between my starting the book and finishing it, it sat on my shelf collecting dust. It stopped at a point where I could no longer grasp the information – where leadership as a biblical and spiritual activity became lost and confused to me. The situations around me, the leadership examples I had around me, made the reading mentally draining. I knew I wasn’t the leader God wanted me to be, but I was receiving mixed signals between the book and many of the leaders I knew. At times I found myself arguing in my mind against what the authors were writing – not because they were wrong, but because there was such a sense of dissonance between my experience and the objectives and techniques presented.

In retrospect, it is so much easier to look at what was written and see the wisdom and truth provided. Hindsight helps me to see that the authors are right: “Jesus did not develop a plan nor did he cast a vision. He sought his Father’s will.” Leadership is not about our prowess, it is about our submission. It is not about authority, governance or even respect. It is about faithfully putting our lives before God so that he can move his church in the direction it should go. Because it is not about goals, membership numbers, programs, and funds. It is about moving people from where they are to where God wants them to be.

Anyway, I should have the review out in a couple minutes.

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I'm interested in theology, languages, translation and various sorts of fermentation.
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