Hindi Numbers, 1-20

Here are numbers 1 to 20:

1. एक १‍ ek
2. ढो do
3. तीन tīn
4. चार cār
5. पांच pā̃c
6. छह chah
7. सात sāt
8. आठ āṭh
9. नौ nau
10. ढस १० das
11. ग्यारह १‍१ gyārah
12. बारह १‍२ bārah
13. तेरह १‍३ terah
14. चौढह १‍४ caudah
15. पंढ्रह १‍५ pandrah
16. सोलह १६‍ solah
17. सत्रह १७‍ sattrah
18. अठारह १‍८ aṭhārah
19. उन्नीस १९‍ unnīs
20. बीस २० bīs

Um, just memorize them. There is not a very reasonable pattern, other than the one for 19, which is essentially a prefix for -1 and the number 20, a pattern used on 19, 29, 39, etc.:

उन un- +बीस bīs =>उन्नीस unnīs


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23 Responses to Hindi Numbers, 1-20

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  2. anjum says:

    v good 4 parents who dont know hindi numbers,thanks

  3. yogesh says:

    thanks for guide

  4. ARMIYAU says:

    Thanks,i love bollywood movies for their action and to learn how to speak hindu language.please will u teach me?

  5. vel says:

    thanks,it is helpful while reading for exam.

  6. ram balaji says:

    thanks guys it is very useful

  7. Thanks. About to depart for a month’s holiday in Northern India. Our bus will have 18 passengers so I can give each of them their own ‘special’ number!

  8. Purbi says:

    I like it thank u

  9. Purbi says:

    I m really thankfull to this website. It helps me a lot!!!!!!!!!!thank u i can’t findd any other website from which i can write these and along these i have also learn to write them perfect in hindi.

  10. Arijita Mukherjee says:

    it helped me a lot!!!!

  11. suresh says:

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  12. none says:

    thanks it helped me a lot !!!!

  13. vamakshi says:

    9 is written the way you have wrote.

  14. Shambhu kumar jha says:

    I don’t use these numbers.

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