My Anniversary

Kim and I celebrated 10 years of marriage yesterday. We had a wonderful time. Just wanted to give a brief rundown, as the events touch on a number of things near and dear to me:

We started by heading to dinner. This was my job – to figure out where we were going. I picked someplace that had good reviews, but where we had never eaten. The place was Giovanni’s in Greenville. No website – or I’d place a link here. Family run place, small – but cozy. The proprietor is an expert on Italian wines, and his food is simply put: to die for. Seriously, it was good. And it wasn’t expensive, either. And better yet, it is right up the street from Barnes and Noble on Woodruff. Not that I get out there often, but that’s a great situation.

In particular, the gnocchi with baby lobster and sun-dried tomatoes in the cream sauce is wonderful. Just offhand, the sauces were selectable and he rattled them off so quickly in an  Italian accent that it was hard to follow, but the word “gnocchi”, “baby lobster”, and “sun-dried tomatoes” mentioned so closely together made me change my mind from the vitello marsala. My wife had the chicken piccata. It also was wonderful – though I was happy I got my selection. Pre-meal, they brought bruschetta which was by far the best bruschetta I had ever tasted. The bread was toasted, but not so hard that it hurts your gums, as is often the case. It was thick with herbed butter combined with the common tomato topping – but quite apart from the norm, it was not highly acidic, rather it was rich and sweet – well, I don’t know if sweet is the right word. Words escape me. Adding to this, the tiramisu was wonderful. Grazie, grazie, grazie!

Following this we went next door to a scrapbooking store. Kim likes scrapbooking, and so it was a pleasant place to browse before going to see Night At The Museam: The Battle of the Smithsonian. A good movie. Some annoyingly gratuitous episodes of monkey-slapping, but otherwise good. Not as believable as the first, of course. C’est la vie.

Following this, we decided to head to Barnes and Noble. I was able to find Mandarin Chinese – Learning Through Conversation Volume 1 (which became an unplanned anniversary gift). I also added a couple other books of interest to my Amazon wish list, having written down their ISBN’s.

Got to come home with all the kids staying at a friend’s house. Morning still came too soon.

And that’s about it.


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I'm interested in theology, languages, translation and various sorts of fermentation.
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1 Response to My Anniversary

  1. shareleann says:

    Glad you had a good anniversary! A night without the kids is a great gift!

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