I went to dinner at an Indian restaurant this evening. Was wonderful: Mulligatawny soup, naan, chicken curry, vegetable masala, lamb kebab, chicken tandoori, basmatti rice, some fruity desert, and a sweet lassi. First time at this particular restaurant, but not my first time with Indian cuisine.

I have regularly been warned that Indian food is spicier than most “Westerners” can handle – but in all my pride I asked for Hot, one step down from Extra Hot, the highest of the spice levels. The waiter looked at me like I was crazy, asking with his eyes, “Do you know what you are doing?” I’m glad I took the chance – the spice level was fine, even a little tame for me (maybe the waiter knocked it down thinking I couldn’t handle it…). Anyway, the food was great!

Is there a particular culture’s food you enjoy? Cuisine you find yourself looking for?

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I'm interested in theology, languages, translation and various sorts of fermentation.
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3 Responses to Saffron

  1. Nick Norelli says:

    I’m partial to the cuisine of my heritage: Italian & Puerto Rican. Outside of that I really enjoy Mexican food and Chinese food.

  2. Nathan Stitt says:

    I love every ethnic food I have had. Indian tends to be more heavily based on curry, Pakistani based on chili powder, and Afghani is extremely mild in comparison and hard to generalize. Some of my favorites are chinese, mexican, and italian food. I have only limited experience with french and russian cuisine, though they are pleasant memories. I guess I just really, really like food.

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