WOTD, λέγω

The word of the day is…

λέγω, ἐρέω or λέξω, εἴπον or ἔλεξα, εἴρηκα, εἴρημαι or λέλεγμαι, ἐρρήθην or ἐλέχθην

Greek, legō, ereō/lexō, eipon/elexa, eirēka, eirēmai/lelegmai, errēthēn/elechthēn, 1. say, speak.

As one can see there are a number of repeated stems in use throughout the principal parts of this verb, specifically λεγ- (present, future, aorist, perfect middle/passive), ἐρε- (future, perfect, aorist passive) and εἰπ- (aorist active).


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I'm interested in theology, languages, translation and various sorts of fermentation.
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