In The Mail, or Christmas ~1 Week Early

Today, my Christmas present from my wife came: Verbal Aspect in New Testament Greek, by Buist M. Fanning. This is due in great part (and with my thanks) to Mike for his efforts at highlighting this work and getting the price down. Contrary to his last post on the subject, I was able to find a lower price than at Eisenbrauns! Since Barnes & Noble is offering Member discount to everybody in this holiday shopping season, you too can get Verbal Aspect in New Testament Greek for a mere $114.48 ($108.00, $6.48 in tax, NO shipping and handling). That puts the price at less than half of what it started when Mike first posted on the subject!

This is by far the most expensive book I have ever purchased – and I won’t be purchasing one this expensive again soon.

Once again, thanks Mike, both for your effort with the publisher, and your commendation – something I value greatly – of this work!

(and thanks to B&N for their quick shipping!)


About George

I'm interested in theology, languages, translation and various sorts of fermentation.
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