WOTD, εἰμί

The word of the day is…

εἰμί, ἔσομαι, -, -, -, –

Classical Greek, eimi, esomai, -, -, -, –, 1. to “be”

As you can see, the verb is only found in the present (active only) and future (the future has a middle deponent form). The present is quite irregular, but the future is fairly regular, with the exception of the third person singular.

At the beginning of a sentence, note that 3rd person singular present indicative active ἔστι(ν) is not an enclitic. Used in this way, it can have the idea of “It is possible…” or “There is…”

Since this is such an irregular verb, I thought I would post the present-based forms:

Present Infinitive Active: εἶναι

Present and Imperfect Active:

1ps 2ps 3ps 1pp 2pp 3pp
Present Indicative Active εἰμί εἶ ἐστί(ν) ἐσμέν ἐστέ εἰσί(ν)
Present Subjunctive Active ὦμεν ἦτε ὦσι(ν)
Present Optative Active εἴην εἴης εἴη εἶμεν/εἴημεν εἶτε/εἴητε εἶεν/εἴησαν
Present Imperative Active ἴσθι ἔστω ἔστε ἔστων/ὄντων
Present Imperfect Active ἦ/ἦν ἦσθα ἦν ἦμεν ἦτε ἦσαν

And the present active participle forms:

Nominative Singular ὤν οὖσα ὄν
Genitive Singular ὄντος οὖσης ὄντος

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