WOTD, стул

The word of the day is…


Russian, stool, 1. a chair.


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I'm interested in theology, languages, translation and various sorts of fermentation.
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5 Responses to WOTD, стул

    • George says:

      I’ll bite. No idea what that means. Google gives me some thought that zdravo is something like “healthy” or “hello”? But I can’t find that whole phrase anywhere. Just starting looking at Russian really…

      • Mike Aubrey says:

        hello is right, roughly.

        To be honest, I just know it is a formal greeting. I don’t have any sort of literal translation (and the last [j] and [e] are switched around). I don’t know if it’s a phrase or word even. All I know is that it’s a great thing to say when you walk in to a room.

      • George says:

        Yeah, I finally found it: Здравствуйте. It’s “literal” meaning is “be healthy” – and like you said, formal greeting for “hello” beside the informal greeting preevyet. Hard to find searching for a word in transliteration when there is actually a chain of consonants all sounded nearly as one “s” in it! (The zdravo I mentioned earlier was actually in Croatian, not Russian, but obviously similar/related…

      • Mike Aubrey says:

        That sounds right. What I know is from 4 months of TPR with a native speaker with very little recourse to English throughout, so I only know words based on usage (which was cool). My vocab is essentially limited to ordering coffee & dessert or chopping vegetables in a kitchen or describing the location of the pencil in relation to the bowl…well, and numbers, colours, some kinship terms, etc.

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