Windows Keyboard Layouts (especially Ukrainian!)

I’m going to be doing some work on Ukrainian (have been meaning to get into it for some time). As with many languages other than English, your memorized QWERTY layout isn’t going to help you, as there is no phonetic relationship between key placements.

Luckily, Microsoft has a handy reference where you can get these layouts:

  1. This link will provide you quick access to all the standard keyboard layouts.
  2. If you are specifically interested in Ukrainian, go here.

I am rather unhappy with the Ukrainian layout. I could be wrong, but I see no way of adding accent marks through the standard layout. Though they are not always used, they are used in a number of resources I have at my disposal, and it would be nice to include where desired. I will have to check out the Unicode combining diacritics again. I’ve been spoiled by the Polytonic Greek layout, I guess.

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