SIL’s Toolbox for Field Linguists

I have added SIL’s entire software “catalog” to my blogroll. SIL offers quite a number of useful tools for language acquisition/study. Worth a look if you are interested in that sort of thing. Of particular note is Toolbox (The Field Linguist’s Toolbox). It is tool that helps with building a lexicon of terms in a language being studied (among other things). I’ve seen a number of other interesting applications and tools there.

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4 Responses to SIL’s Toolbox for Field Linguists

  1. Mike Aubrey says:

    I hadn’t realized that they were still supporting Toolbox — though I suppose I’m not surprised. Converting a Toolbox/Shoebox lexicon to FLEx is an unpleasant affair…

    • George says:

      Haven’t looked at FLEx. If starting from scratch to build lexicon and word formation rules, you would suggest using it over Toolbox, then? Does FLEx support the same (or similar) interlinear parsing?

      • David Baines says:

        I would certainly recommend building a lexicon from scratch using FLEx where you are manually creating it. If you have data in Toolbox that needs to be moved over to FLEx the Dictionary and Lexicography Services group of SIL International can help with that.
        If a large corpus exists in the language then it is well worth looking at The Sketch Engine and Lexonomy.

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