Problems Installing FLEx

After Mike mentioned FLEx in relation to my comments on SIL software and Toolbox, I was moved to download and install. Unfortunately, I have not met with success. The application itself is installed. But the installer never actually completes successfully because of a dependency on Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express. When setting up the SQL Services, the installer bombs out due to a sa password that is not reasonably complex:

The sa password must meet SQL Server password policy requirements. For strong password guidelines, see Authentication Mode, in SQL Server Books Online.

Help on the issue is a little sparse, but I have been able to get a feel for what is going on. First, in some code documentation for FLEx I found that the password is inscrutable. This is a fairly long password as these things go, but it is all lowercase. I don’t actually own my computer; it is a member of my work’s domain, and that domain has password complexity requirements that go well beyond just length (this is fairly standard for Active Directory).

Well, SQL password security defaults to following domain policy. I found help to disable domain security – but I don’t have that kind of permission on my own laptop. The sa user can be created with the CHECK_POLICY flag turned off, but since the installer does this, I haven’t found a way to stop or change the default behavior.

You can manually install SQL Server Express, but without knowing how to set up the database (a special named instance: .\SILFW) and possibly the registry, the software still doesn’t recognize that SQL is installed, so none of the FLEx applications will open.

Since SIL offers this package as a free download, the license agreement offers no support, which makes sense. But that leaves me at a loss. What I may try is going to one of the domain admins and having them temporarily remove me from the domain, install the software, and then add me back. I could remove myself from the domain…but then would not be able to log back in, which would prevent me from even logging onto my machine!

If anyone has any other suggestions, I’m all ears…


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