a long night

Wow, where to begin…

Last Thursday Kim did her CT scan for restaging, then Monday she did a PET. Tuesday morning we went back in to have the results of those tests, and expected also to do her next round of chemo. The doctor’s visit went great. Results? No metabolic activity in the areas previously visibly cancerous. In other words, remission. Reduced size of lymph nodes, back to where they are supposed to be. Great!

So next on the list for the day was chemo. Except Kim mentioned some palpitations she was having the days following chemo. One of her chemo drugs can have some cardio-toxicity, so our oncologist postponed the next chemo until we had a chance that afternoon to go see a cardiologist who could test her heart activity and make sure the muscle was still doing great.

Well, that took all day, since we ended up waiting for a while to get registered with that office, only to be put off into the afternoon. And even once we came back, we sat around for hours on ened waiting for the testing, and then again for the results. That office didn’t move very quickly. But the results were good. No damage to the heart muscle. But she is going to be monitored with an event monitor for a good while. But the good report meant that Wednesday morning (yesterday) she could do her chemo.

And do it she did. And coming back it looked tom me like she was doing much better this treatment. Over the last few, her immediate reaction to arriving home has been throwing up in the bathroom. We have a long car ride, and the motion is not good to her. She instead went right to bed, without that trip. But within an hour, she was having serious cold chills. This lasted a while, only to be followed by a fever that shot to 102.6. That necessitated a call to the on-call doctor – our instructions early on in treatment had been to call for any fever over 100.1.The fever was accompanied by a headache and all the normal chemo side-effects.

So that ended up with a trip to the emergency room. Which also took ages. We got there around 6:45, I’d say. We didn’t even get into the emergency room to be seen until 9:30. And then Kim was in that room until 2AM getting bloodwork and being monitored, before finally being sent to a hospital room. Luckily, by this point the fever had gone. My impression was that they were monitoring her over-night, but I now know that is not correct.

Our oncologist actually came in during my writing of this post to give us an overview of what to expect. The danger here is for an infection with her not having a lot to fight it. It is a little troubling not to know why something spiked only to disappear. They took cultures last night, but those take days to grow, and she won’t be going anywhere until those tests show clear. She is still complaining of a more-than-normal headache.

So for those who were keeping up with the going-on on facebook, this should be a decent update and background. For those reading about all this for the first time, thanks for any prayers. God continues to be good to us, and at each step I am thankful for all that has gone right about her treatment and recovery.


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4 Responses to a long night

  1. Nathan Stitt says:

    Praying for you guys. I think I found you on FB and sent a request. If that wasn’t you, let me know and I’ll try again.

    • George says:

      You did find me on facebook. And my yahoo email got the notification before facebook is ready to show it in the alerts! As soon as facebook has gotten itself righted, I’ll approve.

  2. Allison says:

    Thanks for all the clarifications, George. We are praying for Kim, you and the kids. I hope it’s nothing serious. Please give Kim all my love and keep us updated.

  3. Jeremy says:

    My thoughts are with ya.

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