For those out there who use facebook and, it appears there is a new way of auto-magically publishing your posts from wordpress to facebook. I’ve been using NetworkedBLogs to this end for quite a while, but this has the distinctly bad side-effect that comments made do not get associated with the blog post. If it allows comments made in facebook to go directly to the blog, I’m inclined to use it instead of NetworkedBlogs.

So this post is a test to see how things work.

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I'm interested in theology, languages, translation and various sorts of fermentation.
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2 Responses to Publicize-Facebook

  1. George says:

    Well… if you comment on facebook, it doesn’t go directly to the blog. However, since your post doesn’t come up nested below the facebook comment banner like it does with NetworkedBlogs, the only way to comment once you are reading the full post is actually on the blog. Then again, that might make people less likely to comment (since they then have to enter a whole bunch of info).

    Posts are not opened from facebook into a new window. (They weren’t under NetworkedBlogs either).

    Hmm. Now I am torn.

  2. Nathan Stitt says:

    So many people are using NetworkedBlogs already that I will keep using this method. It’s a shame there’s not a more straightforward way to do it.

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