I probably always knew this in some way, but the last couple weeks and some recent reading has made it abundantly clear in a fresh way. We surround ourselves with static. Or to use another analogy, we like to mortar in our lives, sealing all the gaps between the bricks. IM provides just the right language for this: “Busy”, “Offline”, “Idle” or “Away”. No margin, no time where we aren’t hiding from God in some way. We do it purposefully, though we make it so habitual that we easily lose sight of the fact.

I find myself doing this all the time. The back-end of blogging provides ample demonstration of this. Checking stats, re-reading comments; something that fills in every free moment and keeps our mind busy and – well, distracted. Not that that is always the case – don’t get me wrong. Music is similar. I tend to fill whatever space I am in with music. It does one of two things – provides something on which to place my thoughts, or is background noise, something to keep my attention firmly elsewhere. Either way, it often is a barrier to hearing God’s voice. Even if the music is of a “Christian” variety.

Are there things that you find yourself using to fill in every free moment? Something that is an ever present distraction, or extra “noise” that makes God’s voice hard to distinguish or comprehend? Maybe something that is perfectly acceptable, even “good”, but its continual presence or upkeep prohibits you listening intently to the Holy Spirit?

And what have you done to try to limit this tendency in your own life?


About George

I'm interested in theology, languages, translation and various sorts of fermentation.
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