Thought Number One

David Platt shares the following in the book Radical:

The danger of spiritual deception is real. As a pastor, I shudder at the thought and lie awake at night when I consider the possibility that scores of people who sit before me on a Sunday morning might think they are saved when they are not. Scores of people who have positioned their lives on a religious road that makes grandiose promises at minimal cost. We have been told all that is required is a one-time, maybe even mere intellectual assent to Jesus, but after that we need not worry about his commands, his standards, or his glory. We have a ticket to heaven, and we can live however we want on earth. Our sin will be tolerated along the way. Much of modern evangelism today is built on leading people down this road, and crowds flock to it, but in the end it is a road built on sinking sand, and it risks disillusioning millions of souls. (p.38)

Having just read that last night gave a certain context, then, as I read/watched the videos from a post over at Exploring Our Matrix. The background behind the post is the recent wave of press around bullying of homosexuals and the “It Gets Better” response. I don’t see any loving rationale for the gross animosity they experience from many Christians. I have a fair number of friends who are homosexuals, and pray that they have experienced a love from me that valued them as people, fellow image-bearers of God. At the same time, I can no more condone homosexuality than I can divorce, rape, or adultery. Overall I find these videos, which try to be uplifting and encouraging to “homosexual Christians” to have little basis in Scripture, mostly rooted in a faulty understanding of the gospel – similar to that described by Platt in chapter 2 of Radical.

And the finale of one of these videos stuck out to me tragically for this very reason. “Be who you are…” It is a sickening perversion of the gospel. Rather than recognize the seriousness of sin that prompted God to send his son, we say, “God loves you and you are okay with me.” We spurn all contrary wisdom and counsel in our own self-will. And frankly, there are many who do matter, that do mind! When God declares us all desperately wicked, in need of  a savior, and Scripture describes in detail how our nature is corrupted and bent away from doing the will of the Spirit, we instead glory in finally “accepting” who we always were, who God “made” us to be. Every adulterer, liar and thief should glory in this day and age when we throw off every sane rebuke to a life of self-worship, wallowing in our unwillingness to go to battle with sin in the power and authority of Christ.

Should it concern us that when offered the chance to share God’s message of hope,  of victory over sin, they instead offer platitudes from Seuss?


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