Review of Couplehood

CouplehoodI pick this book up from time to time when I am too overwhelmed to pick up anything heavier, and just need a restful laugh. It always does the trick.

Reiser’s humor comes from toggling between all-too-real depictions of common relational insanity and exaggerated worst-case scenarios of the same. It’s very easy to relate to, and thus the laughs just flow.

But underpinning much of the humor is a relational paradigm mentioned more than once – that relationship in reality is nothing more than a constant change of who gets to take a turn being “selfish”. From the way he talks about it, it seemed more than just a humorous opinion – which is unfortunate.

You don’t have to be a married couple to enjoy this book. If you’ve been in a relationship, wish you were in a relationship, or have been a friend to someone in a relationship, you’ll find something to laugh at all the way through.

I give this book ★★★★☆. Funny and light.

Author: Paul Reiser
Soft Cover, 348 pages (sort of)
Publisher: Bantam Books
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0553573136


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