Review of The Soul of C. S. Lewis

Soul Of LewisThanks go to Tyndale for my review copy of The Soul of C. S. Lewis. I took my time reading through each entry in the book, and am glad I did.

The book is made up of 24 chapters, 1 book each for the most part, divided into 4 sections, each addressing themes important to Lewis’ writings. Each chapter is divided into 10 readings, each filling a page and easy to digest in a sitting. Each reading contains a short quote from Lewis, some devotional thoughts from the authors, and a passage from Scripture. While I was at first a little saddened that Lewis’ own words were in short supply, I quickly found that the authors do a wonderful job of sharing his heart, passion, and even his shortcomings. Lewis shines through.

Chapters 1-6 are grouped under “Pilgrimage”, and cover the idea of longing so prevalent in Lewis’ books. Surprised By Joy and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader can be found here. Chapters 7-12 fall under “Temptation and Triumph” and address conflict in the life of Christ, between a world of good and a world of evil. Greats like Perelandra and The Screwtape Letters are here. Chapters 13-18 are under the heading “Going Deeper” cover the continual process of formation, being shaped according to God’s plans. I found the insights into Prince Caspian helpful, and enjoyed being introduced to A Grief Observed, a book I will have to look into in the future. Finally, Chapters 19-24 come under “Words Of Grace”, and share the power Lewis saw in words and stories of all kinds. I was greatly impressed by The World’s Last Night in Chapter 23!

This book is well worth reading, whether you have an appreciation for Lewis, or have just heard his name. You will leave the book with a thirst to read more, and a feeling you know Lewis like never before.

I give this book ★★★★☆.

The Soul of C. S. Lewis
A Meditative Journey through Twenty-Six of His Best-Loved Writings
Authors: Jerry Root, Wayne Martindale, Linda Washington
Hard Cover, 352 pages
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
Language: English
ISBN-13: 9781414325668


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