I actually read Joel’s post before Jim’s impassioned thoughts showed up in my reader. And coming home this evening I read this post by Brian. A lot to think about.

I’ll be honest, after reading Joel’s post I wanted to just dismiss his attitude. Who is he to call other theo-bloggers to task? But this was in no way a reflection on Joel. It was guilt on my part, without doubt. All my excuses for disinterest or lack of knowledge are nonsense. An utter waste of word and thought. It is self-love and a repudiation of the gospel to be so heartless for what is going on. Should every theo-blogger feel compelled to speak to this crisis? Maybe not. But for me, there is no excuse.

Now, I don’t have any academic theological training as many seem to. What I have is a heart to know God’s word and share that passion with others. What I have is a voice and a will and the Holy Spirit teaching and prodding. What I have is a love for people who don’t look like me and have the same experiences I do. And Brian offers a pretty compelling course of action, one that I intend to follow up on. I am going to be praying. Will you pray with me?

God, we lift up the nation of Egypt to you. We ask that you save and protect the lives of those in harm’s way. We ask that you work your sovereign purpose among the people there. We ask that you protect the lives and testimony of our Christian brothers and sisters, not just in the present moment, but as things unfold. God, soften our hearts to pray, to care, to love. Use this time to make us see that our world is bigger than the comfortable shell we have built around it.

I don’t intend for my prayer to stop here. But the post must end at some point. Will your prayers continue?


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I'm interested in theology, languages, translation and various sorts of fermentation.
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