45 Days of French – Day 8

Lesson 6 of Essential French (EF) is the first of four review chapters. Overall, a nice break. Especially since I was driving and walking (and whatever other action would keep me from pen, paper, books and computers) a good portion of the day. Kim and I took the kids to the Georgia Aquarium. Always fun…but it does cut in on the study time!

There were really only 2 elements 2 today’s French efforts. The second (to completely mess with order) was three sets of exercises. The first exercise (French, un exercice) focused on memory of noun gender and number by requiring the reader to recall the appropriate definite article based on the form of the noun given. The second tested the reader’s knowledge of the present form of verbs by presenting sentences and the infinitive of the required verb. The last exercise simply asked the reader to pick which of three verbs completed the provided sentence properly.

The other element was additional vocabulary, vocabulaire supplémentaire. Each chapter has had un dialogue, “a dialog”. Also offered was un phrase “a sentence” and un mot “a word”. I loved this section as it shared many of the linguistic terms dealt with, in French. Like, un adjectif, un article, une préposition and la prononciation. Very similar to English, non? All those things we classify nouns and adjective forms by; in French gender is either masculin or féminin, while number is either singulier or pluriel.

Also provided were some phrases that would help with instructions for the exercises in the review, things like choisissez! (the imperative of choisir, “to choose”) and complétez les phrases “complete the sentences”. Also provided was the adjective approprié/-ée (masculine and feminine endings, respectively), very helpful when you want to tell someone to pick the appropriate article or word.

And that’s it for the day. Like I said, a little bit of a breather. Actually quite a confidence builder after doing fairly well with the exercises. Not perfect, certainly. But comfortingly well. I expect tomorrow will be much more extensive. À demain!


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