45 Days of French – Day 21

Lesson 12 of Essential French (EF) doesn’t add anything new. It’s just review. But, in all honesty, I appreciated the down time!

The exercises are pretty good, and I identified some words that I hadn’t adequately recalled the gender of. More, the exercises gave me confidence that I have a pretty good handle on the present tense. I did miss two irregulars, though…

In trying to validate one thing I had remembered incorrectly – the fact that espérer becomes j’espère, not j’espére – I found an answer to a completely different question. It appears I am wrong about espérer being a trigger phrase for the subjunctive. Not only does it not govern a subjunctive (except in the negative or when forming interrogatives), it usually doesn’t govern the present either. It usually governs a future! Which if you think about it sort of makes sense. Then again, since EF hasn’t covered the future yet, it’s not surprising that EF used examples with present tenses.



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