45 Days of French – Day 25

Lesson 14 of Essential French (EF) is a mixture of topics, with no common theme, though the conversation seems to be interested in family and travel. However, the examples are good and reinforce what has already been seen well.

La Verbe “Boire
For starters, the book offers the conjugation of the verb boire, in both présent (the first time I recall either EF offering the name of this tense in French) and the passé composé. We have already seen this verb in the present, so I will refrain from belaboring the point. As for the passé composé, it is enough to mention that bu is the irregular past participle of boire, and that the verb takes avoir in compound tenses.

Compounds with Quelque
Quelque chose can follow the verb, to mean “something”. This would be opposite to the negative expression ne…rien, surrounding the verb. Similarly, quelqu’un can follow the verb, meaning “someone” or “somebody” and being the opposite of ne…personne, “no one” or “nobody”.

Quel Âge Avez-Vous?
We already saw expressions regarding age in Alpha Teach Yourself French in 24 Hours (ATYF). I believe the important point to make out of this lesson is that asking and speaking about age users the verb avoir. And following from this, it is not permitted to drop ans in responses, as English commonly drops “years old”.

Some Other Points
Also, EF briefly covers the expression être en train de and comparative expressions:

  • plus, moins or aussi + adjective + que.

And before moving on to the conversation vocabulary, it finishes up by recapping the position of the object pronoun with different verbal compounds: before the helping verb with compounds using the helping verb, before the infinitive in verbal expressions made up of verb and infinitive. Simple enough.

The vocabulary shares much about family along with a bunch of stuff for travel. I will list here some that belong to family and personal relationships:

  • le mari the husband
  • un frère a brother
  • un fils a son
  • le père the father
  • le grand-père the grandfather
  • un neveu (des neveux) a nephew (nephews)
  • un cousin a cousin (m)
  • un oncle an uncle
  • un enfant an infant
  • les parents the parents
  • la femme the wife
  • une soeur a sister
  • un fille a daughter
  • la mère the mother
  • la grand-mère the grandmother
  • une nièce a niece
  • une cousine a cousin (f)

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