45 Days of French – Day 29

Lesson 16 of Essential French (EF) is the third of four review lessons. Nothing new is presented. But the exercises are quite good. I have tried to be diligent to do the exercises, and not just read the grammar. I’m afraid I have not kept up with the audio so well though, which is a shame.

I will note that in the exercises are more examples of the use of que that are not actually “relative”, just as we saw in Alpha Teach Yourself French in 24 Hours (ATYF). However, this time, no insistence is made on them being relative (though choosing between qui and que was the point of the exercise). Certainly one needs to be able to recognize que, even when it is a basic conjunction.

And that finishes the day’s French study.

Just for fun, below is my best attempt at saying all that in French. I’m sure it will be less than perfect. No, I’m sure it will barely pass as proper French! But without such attempts, we never exceed our current station. Please feel free to correct my grammar and vocabulary:

Leçon 16 de Essential French (EF) est le troisième de quatre  leçons de récapitulation. Il n’offrit rien de nouveau, mais les exercices est très bien. J’essaye de persister à faire les exercices, et ne lire pas seulement la Grammaire. Je crainds de ne persister pas autante bien à réécouter les Conversations, ce qui est regrettable.

Dans les exercices, il y a plus d’exemples de “que” ce qui ne sont pas vraiment “relatifs”. autante de nous avons vu dans le livre Alpha Teach Yourself French in 24 Hours (ATYF). Ce temps, on ne tient pas à les appeler “relatifs” (quoique l’exercice a dit “choisissez qui ou que (or où)). Certainement, il faut que on puisse reconnaître “que”, même quand c’est une conjonction simple.

Et ce finit la leçon de français du jour. À bientôt!


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