45 Days of French – Day 38

Ah, so we have come to the end of Essential French (EF). Leçon 20 is the final review, and the final lesson in EF. I have to say that the review was good. It starts with 50 “choisissez le mot approprié“-style exercices. And rather than all being one topic, they run the gamut, from verb forms to prepositions and adverbs.

Other exercises – French is going to be the death of my heretofore decent spelling, as I just typed “exercices” rather than “exercises”, then noticed and corrected it – test knowledge of things like “before” and “after” verb constructions. I had to repair my work midway as I realized I was doing it wrong… Also covered in the remaining exercises are the formation of questions from given sentences, and verb forms to matching the most appropriate tense for the context.

Well, looks like it is finally time to return this book to the library. I want to finish Alpha Teach Yourself French in 24 Hours (ATYF) before doing either book’s final review, though. So don’t run away just yet!


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