A Word Is A Thought

Augustine, speaking of John 1:1 offers:

For when we give expression to something that we know, the word used is necessarily derived from the knowledge thus retained in the memory and must be of the same quality with that knowledge. For a word is a thought formed from a thing that we know. This word is spoken in the heart, being neither Greek nor Latin nor any other language, although, when we want to communicate it to others, some sign is assumed by which to express it…

Accordingly, the word that sounds externally is a sign of the word that lies hidden within, having the greater claim to be called a “word.” For what is uttered by the mouth of our flesh is the voice of the word and is in fact called “word” with reference to that from which it is taken as it then makes externally apparent.

Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture IVa pp.8-9


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I'm interested in theology, languages, translation and various sorts of fermentation.
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