Other Clannad Themes

Earlier today I was sharing some of my love for the music that makes Clannad stand out. I shared the closing theme to the High School arc in that post. Here, I thought I might direct the interested to the opening themes to both arcs.

I had mentioned how the songs were all in Japanese (neither dubbed or subbed on Netflix). They were (and are) still beautiful and powerful that way. But in checking out the lyrics online, I have an even deeper appreciation for them. The After Story opening theme, – Toki o Kizamu Uta or “A Song that Ticks Away Time” – which I felt was somewhat uplifting, is even more melancholy once the lyrics are understood in context. I seriously have a hard time getting through the song. It is that powerful, at least to me:

The song is subbed in both English and English transliteration.

The opening theme to Clannad – Mag Mell or “Plain of Joy” (Irish) – is also quite good:

Lyrics can be found here, in English and English transliteration.

And as I realize these all might be just on the depressing side, I thought I might offer the opening theme to School Rumble to cheer you back up:



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