A Busy Kitchen

We have been cooking like crazy today!

So far, we have 6 1/2 8 oz jars of a “Winey” Bronze Muscadine jelly, a bazillion Banana mini-muffins, a loaf (plus 6 muffins) of Apple-Chocolate chip bread and a medium sized peach cobbler. And we aren’t done yet! In the crock pot is about 6 quarts of Asian Pear Butter. Gotta use this fruit we before we lose this fruit!

Kim was the mastermind on the bread and muffins – I don’t bake much. I have been on the hook for fruit chopping throughout, though.

Last week we worked up 8 8oz jars of Muscadine jelly. That, and today’s jelly and pear butter, was largely with help from the site pickyourown.org. Now, trying to find something on that site is torture. But if you google for “pear butter” or “muscadine jelly”, you are brought right to recipes on the site. I haven’t found the input to output amounts to match reality yet, but I won’t suggest I’m a fruit or canning expert. So the help and direction has been greatly appreciated.

The “Winey” jelly comes from augmenting their recipe for jelly by adding about a cup of Muscadine wine to make up for a lack of juice from the Bronze muscadines. With the red muscadines, it seemed that jelling was no issue. With the bronze, though, I had to add a lot more pectin to get a semi-stable jell. I did mix things up part way through, though, order-wise. Maybe that had something to do with it. No idea.

Back to cooking – need to get the burgers off the grill!


About George

I'm interested in theology, languages, translation and various sorts of fermentation.
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