Local Supply Shops, Other Goodness

I’ve added links on the sidebar to some of the local supply shops I frequent.

Hailing from the northwest tip of South Carolina, the selection is not large, but I have met some very friendly and knowledgeable people in the search. Shops like Grape & Grains and City Scape Winery have been instrumental in getting me started with high quality supplies and ingredients. A little further out, but occasional haunt, is Asheville, NC, where a number of shops are available. The only one I’ve been to is Hops & Vines. They appear to have a lot more to offer than I’ll ever be able to take advantage of, being so out-of-the-way. But if you find yourself near there, feel free. I know both Grape & Grains and Hops & Vines offer classes and such regularly.

I’m not against using Amazon.com and the like, but love to be able to support local businesses. And certainly I would rather buy my glassware from a local than pay shipping!

I’ve also added links to some wineries you might benefit from or be interested in. Already-mentioned City Scape, in Pelzer, SC, is a smaller operation, but has some really nice offerings. Lakeridge Winery, near Orlando, FL, is much larger (~2 million bottles a year), but has a very welcoming atmosphere. If you are near Orlando, even with kids – say on the way to Disney – give them a stop. The tasting is free, as is the tour of the facility. You’ll still pay for the wine you are sure to buy, though! They even made it welcoming for the kids – who got some of the best juice in the world. Seriously, muscadine juice pressed off their own vines. Fermenting it is great and all, but the juice was heavenly, too.

That’s all for now. Sure I’ll be adding more links as time goes on!


About George

I'm interested in theology, languages, translation and various sorts of fermentation.
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