Cider Preferred

From Cider – Making, Using & Enjoying Sweet & Hard Cider (p.74):

Nathaniel Hawthorne described winemaking in Italy in an entry for September 23, 1858, in his French and Italian Notebooks, but clearly preferred cider.

I saw a part of the process of making wine, under one of our back windows…The cider-making of New England is far more picturesque; the great heap of rosy apples under the trees, and the cider-mill worked by a circumgyratory horse, and all agush with sweet juice. I tasted a sip or two of a flask which the contadini sent us for trial, – the rich result of the process I had witnessed in the barrel. It took me altogether by surprise; for I remembered the nectareousness of the new cider, which I used to sip through a straw in my boyhood, and I never doubted that this would be as dulcet, but finer and more ethereal; as much more delectable, in short, as these grapes are better than puckery cider apples. Positively, I never tasted anything so detestable, such a sour and bitter juice, still lukewarm with fermentation: it was a wail of woe, squeezed out of the wine-press of tribulation, and the more a man drinks of such, the sorrier he will be.


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