February 19, 2013

So lunch was quick, leaving me time to check on progress. The apple wine was still at an SG 0.995, which means it’s time to bottle. The mint, too, is ready to bottle, with the SG stable at 1.006. The mead still has a ways to go till racking, with its SG at 1.043.

With the mead still so high, I checked the recipe and was reminded that I left out the yeast nutrient that was suggested – which at the time I did not have. So, rather than the full tsp, I halved the amount and stirred in. This may not be the right thing at this point. If the yeast nutrient is more needed for replication than food, then this may be a little too late. Then again, if it speeds up the mead, I’ll be quite happy.

Leaving all that aside for the time being, I checked the braggot. Both the 3G carboy and 1G jug are now bubbling. The bubbles are tiny, but rapid. I think the 1G jug, which had little visible bubbling the other day, was more rapid than the 3G (itself still quite rapid). The strawberry melomel’s bubbles have also morphed into these rapid, tiny bubbles. No change on the “spare” braggot bottle.

Now, I would have liked to start the bottling process on the apple and mint this evening, but that isn’t working out. There is quite a bit to do. This time, my intention is to first rack to clean vessels, then add potassium carbonate sorbate, and give it some time. Then I am intending to add sugar to sweeten the apple wine (none, or little, to the mint wine) before bottling. That will take some time, though I can start and walk away for part of it.

That’s it for today.


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I'm interested in theology, languages, translation and various sorts of fermentation.
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1 Response to February 19, 2013

  1. George says:

    UPDATE: I noticed I misspoke stating potassium carbonate, rather than potassium sorbate, so apologies on any confusion!

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