Anyone Want To Loan Me Some Cash?

This picture from a small store in Lisboa says it all:



If that figure makes your jaw drop, then you are in for a real treat if you go to one of the many Port “Lodges” in Vila Nova de Gaia, just south of Porto. My wife and I toured and tasted at Taylor’s today, then entered Offley’s to enjoy another tasting (and to get out of the deluge we were quite unprepared for). The high figure we saw was the $2500 a bottle “SCION” from Taylor’s which was simply stated as “Very Old”. Wow. Just, wow. Oh, no fears; you can taste it for a mere 100 €! We purchased some port, but remained quite far from that range.

In any case, my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Maybe some day…

Here are pictures from Taylor’s:

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And from Offley’s:

We didn’t get a tour, but we did get to test out pairings of chocolate and cheese for them, and give them our feedback for “future” visitors. Their sheep-based cheese (the poor lady kept saying “cheap cheese” – but we knew what she meant), especially the paprika-cured one, was exceptional with the ten-year tawny. It was okay with the Late Bottled Vintage (LBV), but I would take it with the tawny any day. Kim did more of the chocolate-port pairing/tasting. I tried it, but much preferred the cheese.


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