May 22, 2012

I had some time on my hands, as I and another gentleman drove our kids to Michigan for the 2013 World Finals of Odyssey of the Mind. Long drive from home to East Lansing, Michigan. Long drive.

So today I began How To Brew by John Palmer. The success of the braggot to this point has got me interested in the process, techniques and science behind beer, grain and mash. No, I have no interest in cloning Budweiser, Corona, or the like. Not to offend if you are partial to these, but yuck. Nevertheless, I do like the depth it seems many brewers will go to understand what they are doing. I’ve seen at least one brewer complain that wine-makers seem little interested in really “knowing” their craft, and while it isn’t universally true, I’ve been through enough blogs and user forums looking for help to know that it does seem that many simply want a recipe to follow, not knowledge or experience.

So far, I am enjoying it. Appears that sanitation is a huge concern for beer-making. More so than in wine-making, as I’ve gathered from wine-/mead-makers and brewers alike. Wine makers tend to speak of cleanliness, and suggest sanitation at various points. I’ve seen various reasons.

For those curious about how the honeysuckle wine is going…join the crowd. I’m afraid I had to leave before adding the yeast to the must, leaving that task to Kim. My wife has heretofore had little physical involvement in the process of fermentation, so I was very happy when she agreed to follow the directions on the back of the package to get the honeysuckle going. Of course, when I texted her this morning to see if she had applied the yeast and how it went, I received a one word answer, “yes”. I may have to get some more information…

About George

I'm interested in theology, languages, translation and various sorts of fermentation.
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